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November 2011

Equinus is an independent consultancy, covering both business and technical aspects of the travel and transport sectors, with a particular focus on systems integration and the application of technology to achieve maximum business benefit.

Equinus offers unrivalled experience. Formed in 1994, our experience enables us to develop realistic and effective strategies to fully exploit the value of information and help you manage and develop your businesses to best advantage.

Our Key Skills

Our Core Competencies

Equinus has an in-depth understanding of the information cycle that operates in successful businesses. Our consultants are experts in the end-to-end travel supply chain - from suppliers through distributors and intermediaries to selling channels and the end consumer - and also in the ‘back-office’ business processes.

We know the travel and transport businesses from both the supplier and the customer perspective. We have wide experience of working with many suppliers to deliver usable, online solutions with a strong customer-led business focus.

Our Independence

The independence of Equinus is an invaluable asset, enabling us to take an objective view when considering business and systems processes and making recommendations. A key focus is always to provide effective and appropriate solutions that add real value and are fit for purpose.

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